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Capture the Flag

Place one flag on each team's base. Bring the flag back without getting wiped out by the other team and win the game.

Last Man Standing

Every man for himself. 


Western Showdown

Round up the wagons (aka bunkers) and try to escape with enemies at bay. 

Team Elimination

Two teams enter the battlefield, but only one team leaves victorious.



Zombies! - AKA sharks and minnows 

Two players start on one side of the battlefield, the other start at the other side.  The humans have to make it to the zombies base without getting tagged out. If they get tagged out they become a zombie and begin attacking humans as well. The mission repeats itself over and over again until there is only one human left. That is the winner.


Freeze Tag

This is one of our newest and most popular games. Its freeze tag with a twist.  Take out your opponent and they have to freeze where they  are.  They can only be unfrozen when tagged by someone not frozen on their team.  First team to freeze the other team wins.


Nuclear waste is on the field, goal is to contaminate the other teams territory before they contaminate your territory.  Whomevers team is more destructive to the other teams territory wins.

& Much more

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