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Large Events


If you are looking at hosting the most unforgettable event in town then you have stopped by the right place!  Stealth Mobile Laser Tag is the industry leader in hosting both small, & large events in all of Florida.  


Benefits to hosting an event with Stealth Mobile Laser Tag:

  1.  We can accommodate up to 4,000+ players in a single event.

  2. Due to Stealth having extensive experience with hosting hundreds of events ranging from 10 players all the way up to 4000+ players you can be sure to have a hassle-free successful event.

  3. We have several different gameplay scenarios and missions that we will cater to your audience to be sure everyone has an unforgettable time and the crowd moves in a quick and in structured manner.

  4. We have structured setups for events to make sure the people in line stay uniformed and everyone gets more than one turn.

  5.  Your event can be hosted indoors or out, night or day!

  6.  Stealth can accommodate any age group from 5 yrs old to 90+ years old and everything in between.  For the younger ones, we have shooting galleries to keep that crowd busy as well.

  7. Stealth can offer small or large battlefield setups. With over 85 obstacles/ bunkers we can encompass over 2 football fields worth of battlefield layout!

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