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 Birthday Parties 

Water Wars (38).JPG


Birthday parties with Stealth Water Wars are unlike anything your kids have experienced. If you host a water wars party, you are going to be the most popular mom or dad in town!  

We will organize and run your water wars party from beginning to end. Our goal is to offer parents the easiest, most hassle free party they have ever hosted. All while being looked at like the best Mom or Dad EVER.

Stealth provides a fun, exciting, safe, and upbeat gaming experience for children and adults that mirrors popular video games such as: Fortnite, Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, etc....  The only difference is it is live/realistic,  and  you will be extremely active....& wet:) 

Stealth Water Wars parties will consist of two teams that

compete in our various combat-style adventure missions. The missions will combine fun, skill, strategy and teamwork.

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